Wenger Reads Arseblog / Van Persie scores a goal THAT SHOULD GET him on track for TRIPLE leg against Liverpool…

By Bilal Zaidi

Good day everyone. Firstly I would like to apologize for the lack of posts but sometimes life gets the better of you and priorities shift. Anyway, I have still been regularly reading around the many arsenal blogs and sites to see what people are still talking about. I have to admit I have been nervous about our title chances since our FA Cup defeat to Manchester United when we played 4 out of our best XI. That is before the game…because I know that our best XI is fantastic but our squad is thin comparative to our rivals.

It isn’t a money thing, we are the richest club in the world in terms of turnover…but we have an intelligent manager that has built three great sides from pretty much nothing. We have a manager who has built one of the world’s greatest stadiums in the world’s greatest city. He doesn’t spend £30 million on a centre back or £30million on a striker. He pays £3 million for a Dutch winger and converts him into BANG BANG Van Persie. That is his was and who are we to complain from the man that created teams full of athletes and revolutionised the game of football. Back to the results…

Anyone who knows we well enough or has spoken to me about football, or has read any of my articles in the past would know that I am not one for the ‘Super-hyped Sunday” that is dominated by media advertising margins. It is not a coincidence in my eyes that the top four play on the same day against each other. Anyway, good for Sky, nice marketing and let’s move on…

As I said, I am not someone who is usually dramatic about games against the top four. YES they are six pointers, but if you miss out on 18 points against teams we are expected to beat, then six pointers are even more important. Enough has been talked about regarding the Chelsea defeat so let’s move on to today’s heroic victory against Bolton.

Today, I saw the line up and said: Wenger’s been reading arseblog, Toure to RB and Senderos into the middle. Diaby in, Hleb on right, Eboue out…HORRAY. Ade, as much as I love him…out for Bendtner who was itching for a start as much as Ade has been itching for a rest. IT WAS THE FIRST TIME IN MANY GAMES THAT I PREDICTED A WIN. Probably because Eboue wasn’t playing and I thought that our bad run was inevitably going to have to stop.
HT – Bolton 2-0 Arsenal…Diaby sent off. OH MY.
I was on arseblog’s arse’s throughout the match and read comment upon comment saying “WE ARE DOOMED…TITLE OVER…” blah blah blah…I wrote saying “WE ARE STILL IN THE GAME”…even though I only marginally believed it myself.

After not placing a bet in many months, I saw the odds for a win had rocketed up to 34/1 and slapped down a couple of pounds which would otherwise have been spent on a chicken burger meal at Sam’s Chicken.

GALLAS POW…VAN PERSIE PENALTY and absolutely FABREGAS scored in the 89th minute. What is important to take from this game?

The title race IS NOT OVER but after United banged in four against a solid Aston Villa team, it seems as if it is going to be very difficult to compete if we were struggling to beat Bolton.

HOWEVER…the positive…just as the sequence of winning was broken against United in the FA Cup…the sequence of losing and drawing has finally been stopped. Van Persie has been unlucky all season and even though he was still VERY rusty today, he scored and that will do him a world of good when it comes to our triple leg tie against Liverpool. He needed that goal just as much as Tony Blair needed Gordon Brown, as much as Dwight Yorke needed Beckham. Only time will tell how important that penalty may be as much as how important Fabregas’s last minute goal was.

There is still so much to play for and anything can happen, it is in United’s favour especially considering their form comparative to ours and Chelsea’s. BUT ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE IN FOOTBALL and I haven’t given up hope on this young side JUST YET…Watch this space…

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