Carlsberg Don't Do Last Minute Own Goals But If They Did…Liverpool 1 – 1 Chelsea – I Still Hate Cashley aka ATM Machine – Match Reaction

By Bilal Zaidi

Carlsberg Don’t Do Last Minute Own Goals But If They Did They’d Be The Best Last Minute Own Goals In The World.

As you may sense I am still bitter that Liverpool knocked us out in the quarter finals due to a couple of jammy decisions…YES…but as much as I detest Chelsea, for some reason, the first time ever, I really didn’t want Liverpool to win. Weird feeling…perhaps because my best friend is a Liverpool fan and his continuous digs were too much to take when we had our triple leg tie against them and many a Pro game after. Also perhaps because I had layed (bet against) Liverpool to win at home on betfair…Crazy but…Thank you Mr Riise.

However, Chelsea are Chelsea…Cashley is Cashley…so I have realised that no matter who loses this tie, I will be slightly happy. A win-win situation if you will. Preferably once Cashley aka ATM Machine scores an own goal that knocks his beloved Chelsea out of the Champions League. Wanker.

What did I think of the match? B-O-R-I-N-G to be perfectly honest. Chelsea started off better, Liverpool didn’t do much in the first half and Mr. Jam himself, Kuyt, finished nicely between Cech’s legs after a ‘superb’ pass. That was pretty much the story of the first half.

Second half was different, Liverpool didn’t really allow Chelsea to do anything, they closed down in midfield, didn’t allow Malouda to do anything and forced Avram to take Joe Cole off. My friend texted me while the match was going on saying “Drogba doesn’t look like he’s given up” and “SNAP I didn’t realise Lampard was even playing”, to which I replied; “Snap I didn’t realise Stevey was playing”…to which he replied; “Oh SNAP…I didn’t realise Arsenal WEREN’T PLAYING.” Scouse bastard.

Riise got confused by a decent ball in by Kalou as Anelka loafed behind, that goal may prove to be as crucial as the Hleb (non-penalty) and Babel’s penalty at the end.

Overall probably a fair result in my opinion, even though I didn’t think either side really did much at all to deserve anything. So at half time in this tie it is 1-1, Chelsea have an away goal that seems to be rare in this champions league tie and Chelsea play Manchester United on the weekend in their half time break.

Ronaldo to run the show tomorrow in the Nou Camp? If Messi is fit then it may not be. Until tomorrow.

Blessings all…BilZ.

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