Championship Manager Fans – Part 1

After reading some ridiculous comments on some other sites – I found it amusing to see what some Arsenal fans (hopefully children) were saying in the comments section. It seems like Wenger has about £25 million to play around with including wages. Sorry to disappoint you fantasy fans but – that isn’t that much.

Here are two examples of what I read on another site from the comments:

Example Number 1:

Sell :
Lehmann – Retired
Hoyte – 2
Eboue – 5
Gallas – 5
Rosicky – 7
Diaby – 5
Gilberto 3
van Persie 8
Bendtner 2.5
Gomes 5
Richard 7
Ben Arfa 10
Benzema 12

Example Number 2:

“Huntelaar would be a good signing Villa would be better but what about both?? We have all heard AW has a war chest to spend and with the sales of players like:

Lehmann Free, Eboue 2.5, Gallas 5, Gilberto 1.5, Rosicky 5.5, Bendtner 3.5, Hoyte 1.5,Total 19.5

Villa 25,
Huntelaar 15,
Richards 9,
Joaquin 8,

Total 57″

Oh my.

Sell Van Persie? Villa, Hutelaar, Richards and Joaquin? Mass clearout? These were just two examples. Some Arsenal fans are living in the world of “Championship Manager”.

Next season we will have another young man in Carlos Vela at the club, with a lot of hype around him. Let’s hope Arsenal fans can be a bit more patient with this youngster. Flamini may be on £60k a week at Juventus, Hleb may be licking ice creams in Milan and Lehmann will be mad back in Germany. It won’t be the first time that we have lost quality players for little money or on a free – but we have to see what Wenger has in store for us.


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