Liverpool vs Arsenal – Player Ratings

Well, there goes Europe’s biggest prize, and I’m not even going to start to say how frustrated I and every other Arsenal fan probably feels at the moment. Analysis, however, must be carried out. Here are my ratings for each player last night:

Almunia – 6 – Wasn’t required to make any spectacular saves so to speak, but still looks shaky at corners at times.

Clichy – 7 – Gael was his usual committed self, but his offensive play faded away slightly in the second half after a really bright start in the first.

Gallas – 7 – Our captain was solid all night, but still seems incapable of organizing our stuttering defence.

Senderos – 5 – Sometimes I feel sorry for him. He always gives me the feeling that there’s a lot more that he can do. The real sad part is, that whenever he does make a mistake during the game, the opposition scores.

Toure – 4 – The culprit on the night. He’s looked off the pace ever since he returned from Africa, and no matter how dodgy the penalty decision was, it was sheer stupidity on his part to give Babel the opportunity to go down. What the hell was he doing jumping on Babel’s back??

Diaby – 6 – I cringed when I saw his name in the starting XI, but he showed glimpses of what he’s capable of. He was quite influential for the first half hour of the match, and capped it with a nicely taken goal.

Flamini – 6 – Was solid as ever, and ran his legs off throughout the first half. His substitution probably was the turning point.

Fabregas – 5 – He seemed very jaded and lacked his usual sharpness in passing. Really seems on the verge of picking up an injury, and should be rested.

Eboue – 5 – His passing was better than what it was in the first leg, and he was involved in the attacking play more than he usually is. But the opportunity he fluffed in the second half by not cutting back for Ade was really crucial, and we paid for it.

Hleb – 6 – Didn’t create a hell of a lot in the game, but really tried his best, and was running and working hard even at the death. Made the important pass for our first goal.

Adebayor – 6 – It wasn’t one of his best games, really, although he did manage to pop up and score the equalizer. Was hardly involved in the second half, and missed a great opportunity just before our second goal.


Gilberto – 6 – He didn’t do much wrong, and had a steady outing, but we sorely missed Flamini’s drive and energy which Gilberto sadly doesn’t possess.

Walcott – 8 – Wenger will really has to answer as to why he has never opted to start with the lad. Its even more frustrating when one realizes that his place in the side goes to Eboue. He scores more points than all the others purely on the basis of that run and assist. It was quite scintillating to watch, and I haven’t celebrated that way in the recent past. It really deserved to be the piece of play that won us the tie. However..

Van Persie – NA – Probably wasn’t match fit, and apart from a pass or two, didn’t really do much in the game to get match fit.

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