Sharing The Pain – Reflection From Our Loss At Anfield

By RenoogamiIts now two days on, but like most gooners everywhere, the pain of the manner of our exit from the Champions League has hardly abated. Yesterday I couldn’t listen to the radio, watch TV and certainly couldn’t read any Arsenal blogs – let alone write one. But perhaps at last I am slowly coming to terms with life as an Arsenal supporter during these last two months.

I have been an Arsenal fanatic for over 50 years but never before have I experienced so many recurring disappointments as we have had during these last couple of months. From that chilling and sickening moment in February when it became clear that poor Eduardo was seriously injured and that he was not going to be part of our run-in, to the elation and excitement of Walcott putting us in front in the same game, to the blood-vessel-bursting moment when we had two points snatched away from us in injury time. As childish as it now seems, at the time I was right behind Gallas and his histrionics.

Since then we have only enjoyed the briefest moments of ecstasy – the last five minutes in Milan, the last few seconds at Bolton, the 14 minutes we were in front at the Bridge, the two minutes we were ahead in the first leg against Liverpool, the (massive) 17 minutes we were in charge in the second leg and the just 1 minute of sublime pleasure after that wonderful Theo inspired Adey goal. The pain column, on the other hand, is far too long (and painful) to document.

But the nice thing about football is that there are countless thousands who feel the same. At least I have been able to start reading the blogs again today and I must say it does ease the pain knowing you are sharing it with so many others.

So let me say to all fellow gooners everywhere, take heart and do not forsake the team. They have after all surprised us all with some wonderful performances and results for most of the season, and I think we should all stick together now.

Yes we all know that Eboue is not good enough to play for Arsenal – and possibly Senderos and Almunia as well – but lets get behind the team until the end of season. Only then should we take stock and debate who has to go and what sort of player we must buy.

Till then its come on you Arsenal!

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