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We have a few new writers at This is “Renoogami” and his thoughts on Arsenal’s current situation. We welcome him and our other new writers to the community. Comments are welcome as always.

By Renoogami

We are now on the edge.

We are on the edge of our whole season imploding. Unless we produce another Milan performance up at Anfield on Tuesday with a depleted and utterly knackered team, we look likely to finish the season with nothing. Sadly I fear we will have to suffer countless jibes from the Shite Hart Lanites – no doubt including such intellectual gems as ‘getting out the Brasso – blah blah’.

I think we all expected the worst when we saw the team Arsene had selected on Saturday – Eboue and Hoyte throughout, and Traore and Gilberto in the first half, confirmed it – they were dire.

The rubbish first half performance on Saturday might be explained by our team being physically and mentally spent. I’m not sure why players can’t get mentally up for a vital, must-win game, but there you are – it happens. Lets be honest they have given so much during a long and really tough season that it does seem unfair to start being overly critical at this late stage.

It’s just that we were oh so nearly there! Against all the odds and expectation!

Is fatigue the only cause of the depressing run of results since the middle of February?

The last 11 games don’t make good looking stats I’m afraid. Played 11, won 2, drawn 7, lost 2.
Can we now win anything this season? The Premiership is still mathematically a possibility and the CL an outside chance, but I fear the squad is too tired and jaded to be able to kick on from here. I’ve never seen Cesc look so completely shagged out as he looked on Saturday, I don’t know why he wasn’t subbed in the second half – especially as he was on a yellow card.

Of course there have been a couple of highlights – the great win in Milan and the remarkable second half comeback at Bolton. But perhaps those results just papered over some of the cracks, which have been appearing almost as far back as the second half display at Villa Park on the 1st of December.

Most gooners seem to agree that Arsene should have bought in January to ensure there was enough quality cover in case of injuries – the most puzzling and annoying of these being the injuries to RVP and Tomas Rosicky. It does seem that these two are either the unluckiest footballers in the world, or that their bodies are incapable of enduring the rigours of Premiership football. Either way I think Arsene should seriously consider whether, if they are going to keep breaking down like they have been, that perhaps they should be moved on. That would be a terrible shame of course, as when they are fit and playing they are both brilliant players.

One silly decision I think was to let Diarra go in January. Yes I know he was unsettled and wanted a move but what the hell, he was our player and we needed him. Sell him at the end of the season by all means but I suggest that he should have been sold when it suited us and not him.

At the moment however it’s all water under the bridge and we have what we have till the summer.

To get back to the headline – I am sitting on the fence, so to speak, when it comes to my criticism of Arsene and the team.

On the one hand it has it been a better than expected season so far – whilst on the other we look to have failed to win anything again.

Yet at times this season the players have been magnificent and I for one never expected the Flamster and Adey to produce the form that they have. Matty in particular has been an absolute revelation and I implore Arsene to give him a deal that makes him play for us for the rest of his life.

So here I am sitting on the fence – not knowing whether to be happy or sad, excited or disheartened, optimistic or pessimistic. What I do know is that I am gagging for a 1-0, 2-1 or 2-2 to us tomorrow – and you know, I just have a feeling we will do it.

Come on you Arsenal!!!


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