Thierry Henry WANTS TO BE "HOME" – 25 Minute Full Interview With The Legend

By Bilal Zaidi

I don’t really want to comment on this. Please just watch the full interview and tell me Henry doesn’t want to be at Arsenal. He says what I say to people; “I don’t regret things”…but that is just out of default…he might not regret it but I bet he wishes he was still here, there is a difference. He talks of England being his “home” since he has lived in England longer than he even lived in France.

It just reminds me of what I have always loved about him…as the reporter asked about coming back to England…he blushed, covered his face and said “there is only one team for me”.

I wrote on here the other day about my opinions on Henry coming back but I can’t help but reminisce like an emotional lover over an ex-girlfriend. Yes that sounds rather extreme but since I have grown up, Dennis Bergkamp and Thierry Henry have been my Arsenal legends just like many that may be reading this…to see Thierry rotting away on the left wing at Barcelona is painful.

I doubt if any other player in my lifetime will ever make me feel like that after they leave the club. I was a great fan of Vieira, Pires and Ljungberg too…but for some reason it really isn’t the same as when I see Henry playing for another team. Sorry to be taking a trip down memory lane but…Thierry Henry is and will always be the Don of Arsenal for me.

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