Fla-MONEY Signs For AC Milan – Four Year Contract Worth £4.3 Million A Season

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By Bilal Zaidi

It has been reported on Sky Italia that Flamini has signed for AC Milan the team that Arsenal knocked out of the Champions League this year. The team that may well be playing in the Uefa Cup next season with Kaka, Ronaldinho + Pato.

Here is a quote apparently from “Arsenal Italia” who follow news from that side of Europe, however I would like to also confirm that Arsenal FC have not confirmed it on their site or any official press release:

“After so many doubts, the future of Mathieu Flamini is now a certainty. The French midfielder has chosen AC Milan and has signed with a five-year contract worth 5.6 million per season. The news has already been announced on Sky Sports Italia, so expect an announcement Monday evening.”

It has been expected so no huge surprises. If this news is true that he has signed then I would just like to personally thank Flamini aka Fla-MONEY (acknowledgements to Arsenal Review member “Kaz (Brown Boy)” for the name) for a great season even though I am slightly bitter that he has decided to leave. It once again shows that it is all down to money. At the end of the day that is how the world works sometimes even if I don’t like. Thank you for your effort and a decent Arsenal career that could have become world class over the next few seasons…good luck for the future and I hope you enjoy Uefa Cup football next season.

Today our game against Everton could be a chance for Wenger to try somebody there who we may not expect, someone like Kolo Toure. You can watch Arsenal v Everton from our Live Video Streams page.

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