Flamini's Future Hangs In The Balance…New Developments…

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By Bilal Zaidi

I found it a bit odd to hear Wenger’s comments about Flamini’s deadline being “Sunday…Monday Latest”. It doesn’t really give much certainty does it by saying “the latest” since the deadline had already been set for the end of the last month.

Wenger said:

“It will be sorted out over the weekend. Will he stay or not? That is down to him but the deadline is Sunday, Monday latest.

“The deadline moved for negotiation problems. Only he could tell you [whether he will go or not]. For me yes he stays, but does he tell me the complete truth, I don’t know.

“Ideally I want him to stay, but he’s free. That means if you get £2million here, £4 million somewhere else, you can go to the one who gives you four, or you can as well stay to the one who gives you two.

“He is free to make a decision and you have to accept the market. You listen to everybody in Europe and take some time, that’s why the situation has lasted a little bit. But overall he’s free to go where he wants. You have to accept that because he’s not linked by a contract.
“[If he goes] we will find a solution, don’t worry.”

It is a difficult decision to make I’m sure but if your manager gives you such a long time to decide and then requests you to decide by a certain deadline, which is then missed, you must really start to think that there doesn’t seem much hope in us keeping him. I for one will be very disappointed if he doesn’t stay but as the boss says, we will cope without him. If we learned how to cope without Thierry Henry our all time leading goal scorer and living legend…then I’m sure we can move on swiftly without Flamini. I just hope Flamini really knows that the grass REALLY isn’t greener on the other side when he is sitting on the bench playing in the Uefa Cup with AC Milan.

Here, at Arsenal, he has a chance to play regular football in the best league in the world. He has his friends around him and an already established successful midfield partnership with Fabregas. I think that if he continues to play as he did this season, if that is at Arsenal, AC Milan or Juventus, he will definitely become a regular in the French first team along with Sagna and Clichy.

However, nobody can be angry at the guy who has always given his best for the club, none more so than this season. In previous seasons he has shown glimpse’s of a “decent player”, mainly at left back in our Champions League run. In central midfield however, I never saw much purpose from him apart from the tireless attitude he employed in every game. However, this season he has proved everyone wrong and has been outstanding. He has kept out a world cup winner and one of our best players of last season in Gilberto, made another fantastic young central midfielder in Diarra move away from the club and kept Diaby and Denilson from getting much opportunity in central midfield.

Nobody has minded this though since he has proved to be an outstanding player, outperforming Fabregas, in my opinion, against AC Milan even when taking into account Fabregas’s wonder strike. Flamini literally HANDLED Gattuso, Pirlo and Kaka and this was the game that really did it for me in terms of realising this guy Flamini is the real deal. No wonder Milan want him, he made their famous stars in midfield look like reserve team players, continuously intercepting, tackling and blocking out their attempts at doing anything. Flamini didn’t allow them to play and consequently didn’t allow Milan to flow at all when they lost their first ever game at home to an English side.

The sooner everyone is aware of this decision the better, however I must be honest in saying I find it a bit insulting the way Flamini has missed the deadline in the first place…he is a solid player, but nobody, especially Arsene Wenger, will allow any player to try to make themselves bigger than the club…Respect the manager who has allowed you this chance, the fans that have cheered for you all season and the club as a whole that has allowed you to become player you are today. Sign on Sunday or leave…and have a nice life.

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