Wenger Blind With Eboue / Traore To Play Left Wing?

By Renoogami

It has to be said. A blind man can see it…We can all see it.

Why can’t Arsene?

I am of course referring to the enigma that is Eboue.

The only reason I can think of for Arsene persisting with him for 90 minutes on Sunday is that perhaps he just wants to confirm to himself that our non goal scoring, injury feigning and cheating ‘midfielder’, has no future in the side and should be moved on in the Summer.

We all know that we need a wide left sided attacking midfielder and I have been saying for weeks that we already have a young and exciting one in the reserves – Armand Traore.

Forget his original position as a left back – he has been playing wide left midfield for the reserve for some time now and producing rave performances.

He is young, possesses great ball control with blistering pace, has the ability to beat players, is a great crosser of the ball (just ask Bentner) and has a wonderful shot on him.

What more can you ask of a wide midfielder? Perhaps the experience of having played at full back for a number of years?

So come 1.30pm on Sunday and with the limited number of players available due to injuries we had the perfect opportunity to see how Armand could perform against a side that were always going to be hard to score against.

And instead Arsene picks dear old Eboue at wide right and pushes poor young Theo over to the left. Anyone ever remember Theo doing well there – cos I don’t?

The stats tell us Eboue is hopeless, our eyes tell us Eboue is hopeless, even Alan Smith thinks Eboue is hopeless for goodness sake!

OK so come half time on Sunday and everyone watching the game can see that Eboue is utterly useless so surely Arsene will change things around. But no – Eboue stays on for the full 90 and Traore only has a quarter of an hour or so to show us what he can do. The rest is history as they say.

With the Flamster going to Milan (good luck to him by the way) is anyone else like me in wondering why Alex Song hasn’t had a chance to show what he can do in midfield. He put in a man of the match performance against Everton at centre back but surely that is only a fill-in role. I’m not sure he is tall enough to play in the centre permanently. Remember Everton’s forwards are not tall and playing against them is slightly difference to playing against Drogba, Berbatov, Ronaldo and Co.

So, whilst we all would like to spend millions in the summer on established stars, I just don’t think it’s going to happen. Yes there will be signings but certainly not overpriced superstars. The last thing we want is to do a Leeds United and get into financial trouble. No, we didn’t win the league nor a cup again this season, but we can still hold our heads high and give all the other clubs in the league hope that you don’t need a fortune to compete with the huge money clubs like Chelsea, ManU, Liverpool and Spurs (11th in the league).

All you need is a great management team and professionally run club – a club with history, tradition, class and dignity.

Kevin Keegan please note.

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