The Reasons Why Ramsey Joined Arsenal over Manchester Utd or Everton

Ramsey joined the Gunners even with interest from our close rivals and European and English champions Manchester United. As well as a very consistent side in Everton. Big surprise? Perhaps for some but Wenger is an architect of success for young players in the modern era of football. Let us break down the honest reasons why young Ramsey would join each club.
Manchester United

After winning the Champions League and the English Premier League, their selling points are quite obvious. For a young player, the lure of the calibre of potential team mates in Cristiano Ronaldo, Wayne Rooney and co, is a huge pulling point. He will also take into account the probability of winning things is greater at a club like United. However, he may think about the playing time he gets at the club. Also, the fact that Alex Ferguson apparently sent Gary Neville to convince Ramsey to come to the club rather than himself.

In direct contrast, Arsenal flew him and his agent out to Switzerland in a private jet to speak with Arsene Wenger. That small investment may be worthwhile in the long run.


At Everton he may get more playing time which would be the main selling point from their point of view. It depends on what his priorities are. How willing is he to play for a ‘smaller’ club where he may become an integral part of the first team a lot quicker than at Manchester United or Arsenal? How motivated is he by money? Perhaps the money being offered by each club is identical, we just don’t know, but these are the variables to take into account.


Now this may seem biased, but in my opinion what Arsenal can offer Ramsey is quite unique in that it strikes the golden mean in Aristotelian style between the playing time advantage at Everton and the prestige of a huge club like Manchester United. Arsenal perhaps offer both, with a manager that has a proven track record in nurturing the very best young talent from around the globe. Arsene Wenger is a genius in his own right; his philosophy and methods of running the club are different to any other manager in the world today.

I have written countless pieces on this website describing in detail how Wenger has revolutionised the world of football. His calm, youthful kaizen approach of development makes him unique and for that reason he will attract certain types of people and consequently, certain types of players to the club. If Ramsey is that sort of person, then he will feel the chemistry with Wenger and play his heart out for the manager.

Also we should take into account the location of Arsenal Football Club. Again, no disrespect to either Manchester or Liverpool since they are both beautiful cities, with their own special atmosphere. However, London is one of the most famous cities in the world for a reason and Arsenal have built a masterpiece of a stadium for Wenger’s troupers to run around in. Ramsey can make some friends his own age and play in a team with them against the ‘adults’ of the other teams in the league. They can finish a Saturday afternoon game of football in front of 60,000 and then go home to Theo Walcott’s house to play Pro Evolution Soccer in HD on the Playstation 3.

It seems as if Ramsey has made a good choice taking into account all of these variables mentioned. Wenger had a personal talk with him where as Ferguson didn’t. Arsenal sent him on a private jet to Switzerland and United didn’t. Wenger can give the youthful exuberance of Ramsey more of a chance to play than United and feel confident that he will be in safe hands. And let’s not forget that Pro Evolution in HD at Walcott’s house after the match is a great lure for young Ramsey. I am still waiting for my invite.

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