Isn’t that what being a fan is all about?

Days like yesterday.

Hug your dad, get your shirt soaked & celebrate with strangers sorta days.

Those days you tell your kids about when you’re putting on their first Arsenal shirt with pride worn across your face. 

After a year most of us would like to skip as a glitch in the matrix, we finally have something to give us a moment of relief.

A moment that comes from witnessing greatness in slow motion.

Time stood still when Auba dropped a shoulder, left Zouma for dead & chipped Willy Cabellero with the sublime technique & confidence in the final yesterday. 

It felt like watching Theirry, our most famous #14, leave Zanetti on skates to win 5-1 at the San Siro.

That’s what being a football fan is all about. Moments of greatness from special players.

Winning is a habit that needs reps

That’s what separates the best from the only talented.

We all know those people. The opposite of Arteta. Super gifted. But wasted away. The ones we look to as examples not to follow.

Arteta knows this well. He was a talented player coming out of the Barcelona academy. But he was never going to be a Xavi, Iniesta or even Cesc.

He had to find his lane & develop maturity while playing for teams like Everton & Rangers. He used his intelligence & built a winning mentality by the time he lifted the FA Cup as our captain.

And now as our manager a few years later. That takes something very special, beyond talent alone.

It’s same mentality that allowed him to become the youngest manager in the premier league.

It’s incredible to think that at 38 years old, he’s still a few months younger than Chelsea’s goalkeeper.

He’s shown us what it takes. A winning-mentally. High standards. Not budging on the non-negotiables. And a dedication to the group which was evident in this winning run against teams far superior to our squad.

By putting in those winning reps, he’s creating a habit that will attract the best players who crave this feeling. 

Mediocrity is not in our DNA

In our worst league run in recent memory, we have won 4 FA Cups in 7 years.

Something our rivals down the road haven’t managed in their golden era of “progress”.

We’ve now won 14 FA cups, more than any club in the land. But we should be under no illusion, the premier league is a long way away & we have a lot of work to do.

This was the best-case-scenario ending we could only wish for in an otherwise forgettable season.

Which makes this win even more remarkable. Let’s not forget that our manager had Coronavirus only a few months ago. After a tumultuous season with  two managers before him & an abysmal run where we went 12 games with only 1 victory.

For the hopeful optimist, it’s a reminder that things can change quickly.

And when we get back in a few week’s time, let’s hope Edu, Raul Sanllehi, and co have taken that same philosophy to mind.

Things can change quickly.

Over to you boys. 

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