The Glory Days

Don’t we all miss those days? Dare I say, the Wenger years!

When I started this site in 2004, I was16 years old.

Between championship manager marathons + my GCSEs, I’d sneak away to write “web logs”on my sisters computer as an armchair pundit.

Thierry Henry was the greatest striker in the world. Dennis Bergkamp was still gracing us with his presence.

Patrick Vieira was clashing Roy Keane in thosetop-of-the-tablebattles we’ll never forget. And Arsene Wenger had achieved legendary status with his invincibles.

We were on top of the world!

And this site continued to grow. We had 25+ incredible writers from London, to India & the USA. We were lucky enough to have millions of fans following from around the world.

The Transition

This site ended up being so much more than I expected.

It kicked off my career & business life. I learned so much. Made so many friends. And I got to connect with gooners from around the globe.

The team were going through their own transition.

We moved to the Emirates and had to pay off our massive debt. We declined as a team. Sold our best players. And the emergence of well funded clubs meant we slipped down the ranks.

Our once idolized boss, was now a shadow of the man we all looked up to.

And on a personal note, I took some time away from Arsenal Review to focus on my career. I moved away from London, landed a job at Google in New York where I now live & I started a company.

A New Beginning

Fast forward and I haven’t lost my London accent or my love for The Arsenal. I found my local arsenal pub, and made sure to book arsenal tickets before flights back to London.

I knew that I would eventually get to the point where I’d want to reinvent what Arsenal Review would be. And I’m happy that time has come.

It feels very Arteta-esque.

So with the re-launch, we’ll be regularly sharing thoughts on how we’re shaping up as a team under Arteta, the growth of our young players, deep tactical analysis and observations on the evolving business & culture of Arsenal.

Lastly, on the new Arsenal Review podcast, you’ll have a chance share your own voice to gooners from around the globe.

If you made it down here, or want to be featured on the podcast, shoot me a note on @arsenalreview or @bzaidi on Twitter – I’d love to hear from you.


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