If you are seeking a platform to make consumers aware of your brand, then Arsenal Review can help you.

  • Arsenal Review is a popular website for Arsenal fans from around the globe. In 2008, we received visitors from 184 countries around the world and received up to 20,000 unique visitors a day.
  • Every article written on our site is distributed around the “latest news” sections of several news syndication sites that we are featured on such as; “Newsnow”, “Footy247” and “Goonernews”.
  • We have 20+ quality writers contributing regular articles to make sure every piece of Arsenal news is covered to a high standard.  Many of our writers have previously featured in newspapers, print magazines and other popular sports sites.
  • Our category sections chosen, writing style and positioning were developed after thorough research into “types of online football fans”. Four non-demographic segments were identified from previous research and our site has been developed to reach 3 out of those 4 segments. Please get in contact to discuss how your brand can benefit from our uniquely positioned magazine.
  • Online marketing no longer consists of simple static banners or text adverts. We have many options available to maximize your brands awareness to cover all sorts of marketing objectives.

For more specific details on visitors, access to our media pack and rates; please get in contact with Bilal Zaidi to discuss the options available:

bilal (at) digital-kaizen (dot) com

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